Transportation of highly explosive materials


Installation of dispensing of aluminum dust and aluminum and magnesium mixture to existing mixers.

  • Increased transport efficiency through the use of a new pneumatic system (vacuum transport using a vacuum pump), in the context of productivity increase.
  • The new (manual) system of dispensing particulate aluminum-magnesium (Al-Mg) to the existing Eirich mixer, and to a new Eirich mixer ensures encapsulation of the process (minimizing the hazard zone of explosion)
  • System protection against explosion for the weighting tank (in consultation with companies specializing in the selection of protection systems)
  • Implementation of emergency exhaust ventilation (10 times more air exchange) on the station of filling powders into a pneumatic transport system
  • Exchange of the equipment on an existing line (dispenser systems, weighing system, valve of tank weighing , etc.) resulting in adaptation the existing equipment to explosion hazard zones (minimum zone 22) and protected against a possible outbreak.

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