Sugar - warehousing, technological transportation


Central storage system and dispensing of sugar

  • Implementation and start-up of designed by our engineers installation of unloading tank, installation of loading and unloading of the silo, transportation of sugar on the production lines. The main process being executed in this part of the production line is grinding granulated sugar in a mill which is supplied to the factory
  • The air used to the transportation of sugar from the tanker to a storage silo is cleaned, dried and chilled, so the product do not gets moisture and caking during storage
  • Silo is equipped with an active bottom to facilitate unloading, as well as the precipitator, Finisher shredding sugar and automatical latch . Under the silo is a storage tank with a metering valve. This ensures the safety of attendants and reliability even while unloading sugar of lower quality
  • Minimization the effects of possible explosions on all tanks by the use of membranes against explosive with decompression channels
  • The monitoring of discharging of static electricity reduces the risk of explosion during unloading. Unloading the tank can begin by connecting to the device. In the absence of grounding automatic valve is closed and prevents unloading
  • The system is equipped with two fans mounted in a special soundproof room. Adequate moisture provides air dryer
  • Magnetic trap mounted on the tank and unloading system to the mill hopper  protects against damage to the installation of machines located in the further process, removal of any ferromagnetic particles from the transported product
  • The process of grinding and transportation takes place automatically. The line of  transportation of powdered sugar is monitored by pressure and temperature sensors
  • Monitoring of pollution filters, dust collectors by pressure sensors provide their high reliability. In the case of pollution the system turn off the transportation and notify the service about the need to purge the filters

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