Sugar - unloading, technological transportation


Modernization the installation of unloading and storage of sugar

  • Modernisation of storage installation and the unloading of sugar crystal. In the existing installation sugar was stored in 50 kg bags and after manual unloading,  by pneumatic transportation, sent to the tank on the production line. After modernization, sugar is delivered by tank trucks, unloaded with pneumatic method to a new storage silo with a capacity of 45 t. Sugar is transported from the silo by pipelines to the new tank on production line
  • Tank truck unloading system is provided with a monitoring system of grounding to ensure dissipation of electrostatic charge that reduces the risk of explosion during unloading
  • Setting the silo on three extensometers, provides inventory control
  • Dust collector installed on the silo reduces the risk of an explosive atmosphere. Explosion-proof membrane system protects against the effects of explosion of the atmosphere by the discharge of the shock wave in a safe area, thereby protecting the entire installation
  • Pressure sensor on precipitator inform  the staff about the degree of contamination of filters and need their cleaning
  • Chopper (Finisher) - eliminates clumping of sugar increasing the efficiency of pneumatic transportation
  • The task of dryer is to create a bag of dry air above the sugar level in a silo to protect it from clumping due to moisture.
  • Magnetic trap installed on the pipe of pneumatic transportation provides stopping ferromagnetic pollutions.
  • Sensors installed in the system can inform about status on every stage of the process. Controling the installation is performed from the surveillance station operator panel. This installation can be started and stopped whenever you want.
  • All processes associated with the unloading, storage and transport are supervised by a central control system and will take place without human intervention.

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