Installation of manual administration and dosing of components - installation of the production of ready mixes. Delivery, installation and commissioning of the object

  • Installation of administration and dosing of colorant is built based on the weight platform
  • Pump system allows for quick pumping of substances between the tanks and the implementation of many recipes
  • Mechanical dosing of 200-liter barrels - barrels are set on mobile dosing systems, mixed on the mixing stations, dispensed into the vat with a diaphragm pump controlled by manual valves. Each mobile dispensing system is designed to support only one type of colorant. This arrangement ensures quick interchangeability of the barrels and production flexibility
  • The installation gives the expandability by adding further elements and extending the range of manufactured products
  • Versatile solution allows processing of small batches (50 liters) and large (up to 1 000 liters)
  • Mobile systems are dispensing carts on which 200l barrel of colorants are set. On the top of barrel there is the cover on which there are mounted:
    • diaphragm pump
    • stirrer
    • turntable completed with three-way valve
    • suction lance
    • vent
    • an additional outlet with manual valve

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