Liquids for cleaning and disinfecting


Installation of production fluids to clean and disinfect

  • The final product is liquid Kop, Vanish and Harpic of different compositions. These are liquids used in households for washing, cleaning and disinfection
  • The entire technological process consists of several major phases, from preparation of raw materials dispensed by the dispensing it from containers, mixing, quality control, filling in the bottles and packaging
  • Automation of processes allow 3 people to operate the entire line
  • Production fluid is produced without wastewater, takes place in a closed system. Washings after washing of installation will be managed by re-production of the same type of fluid
  • The operator is controlling the technological process playing the primary role. The whole installation is equipped with the necessary sensors and instrumentation to allow visualization of the processes at each stage of production
  • Buffer tank system allows maximum use of mixers
  • The process uses equipment enabling quality control. The parameters must be compatible with the product data sheets and are subject to quality assurance for the laboratory, so we get a product with identical characteristics and quality

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