Dust extraction in the production of glass wool


Project Execution and delivery of extraction system components and exhaust gas cleaning and installation of process water in a glass wool factory

  • We fully implemented extractor system and installation of flue gas cleaning and process water
  • The extraction system and exhaust gas treatment system was installed at 7 nodes producing glass wool. Aspiration system provides exhaustion of polluted process air from these nodes with five high power fans. Air purification is done by the system of cyclones. Such cleared atmosphere meets the purity standards and enables its ejection through the air chimney
  • The system of water sprayers in the installation allow the removal of fine particles glass wool (waste) in the downhill shaft. This improves the quality of the finished product
  • The installation of process water is a closed system. Contaminated water circulate in the system and is being cleaned by a system of sieves and filters. Such purified water can be used repeatedly in the same process. This arrangement provides considerable savings in water and wastewater, and meets all environmental standards for facility
  • While designing structure of platform the crane assembly was included, being used to move fans to maintenance, repair or replacement. This solution significantly reduces the time of review and improves the function associated with it

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