Concrete mass


Technological line for manufacturing the finished product - special concrete mix to cover the top layer of roof tiles

  • Implementation the installation in innovative technology Cisar for the production of special concrete mix covering the top layer of tiles. This is the most modern technology of  tiles production
  • Based on the mixer HOSOKAWA the solution for administration and weighing the individual components that meet the highest criteria in terms of reproducibility established procedure, and translates into a finished product durability and minimizes faults in the final phase of the process
  • Dosage of cement from the silo into the reservoir was carried out using the system of two screw conveyors. First conveyor - rough dispensing, second conveyor - exact dispensing. Thanks to this reduced process to a minimum while maintaining high accuracy realized recipes
  • Use in tank system reduces downtime intermediate stages of production to a minimum thanks to parallel realization of the sub-processes that allow continuity in the administration of a mixture to tile production line
  • Ready-mix, depending on the needs is transported by the screw pump to the tile production line
  • The installation is integrated into the existing technological systems so there was no need to make significant changes in other industries.
  • Designed by us technological solutions have enabled us to fully automate the process

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