Adhesive tape


Installation of preparation and administration of coating materials

  • Building of high-performance production line of coating materials, based on the three pressureless mixers V = ok.1900l. - Elements having contact with a product made ​​of stainless steel AISI-316. Coil heating - cooling (max.3 bar) placed on the bottom and mantle of tank to 2 / 3 of its height, provides stability in the process. In order to obtain high-quality of product is used special disc mixer.
  • To improve operational safety of filling, mixing and emptying the mixers from the product is carried in shield of nitrogen.
  • Aspiration of filling process the bulk products was carried out using pulse dust collectors secured with explosion-proof membranes. The innovative pulse dust collector system (air dedusting of dust, which can cause clogging and even explosion). Cartridge filter is automatically regenerated (cleaned) from accumulated dust with compressed air pulses fed into the cartridge, which ensures maintenance-free operation for many hours depending on pollination.
  • Administration of fluid substances and solids to the mixers by means of pneumatic diaphragm pumps.
  • Features five pumping systems installed on separate mobile platforms "pump carts" allows full interchangeability between the various phases of the process.
  • Washing of the installation is carried out by administering a detergent to the washing heads of mixers, and farther to the installation meets the applicable standards.
  • Equipment designed for operation in explosion hazardous areas - zone 1

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